OzBoxLive Radio #002

Join Mark along with The OzBoxLive Team as they discuss all things Xbox in Australia. This is our massive E3 2007 Special episode and it’s so big that it continues next week. We have the latest Australian Xbox 360 News and Announcements, a classic Xbox Live Arcade Review of UNO, an Xclusive Interview with General RAAM SA and a very useful Tip of the Week. Finally we have a competition where you can Win a copy of The Official Australian Xbox Magazine.

OzBoxLive Radio #002

In this E3 2007 SPECIAL of OzBoxLive Radio…

  • Welcome to OzBoxLive Radio
  • OzBoxLive NEWS
  • Xclusive Interview – Nick (General RAAM SA)
  • Tip of the Week – www.Xbox.com.au
  • Group Discussion – E3 2007 Analysis (PART 1)
  • COMPETITION – Name the Game Music
  • Thank You
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