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Last week was the Freestyle: Masters of hiphop national finals which was the concluding event for national youth week 2010. It was held at Shed 4 in the Docklands, Melbourne. If you don’t know where Shed 4 is you are not alone. Because that part of Docklands is mostly still under construction it can get very confusing, however the locals are a friendly bunch and were happy to give directions.

So after wandering the concrete tundra I found Shed 4, it’s massive! The whole place is an old warehouse that with some work had been converted into two rooms. The first room you see is the main stage which later on in the night was booming with DJs and Hip-hoppers (Hip-hoppers? Is that a word?) along with a large mat in front of the stage for people to spin on their heads… breakdancing.

In the second room was where the main action was. Us folk at OzBoxLive understand that loud music and head spinning can take its toll, so why not relax to the blast of an assault rifle. It was all about Halo 3: ODST FireFight with a huge blow-up projector screen and speakers that could only be described as loud. Plus if you saw the DJs and said “How hard could it be?” you could come down and get into some DJ Hero. Just a quick side note: I only started playing DJ Hero that day for the first time and was able to play on medium quite well by the end of the night it’s that easy to get into and awesome. Along with OzBoxLive there was a very impressive food court. The only food outlet there worth mentioning was the Argentinean BBQ. The difference between a Argentinean BBQ and any other is the way the meat is cut which is then put on a slow cook and served in a hot dog roll with a sauce of garlic, oregano, parsley and some other yummy stuff, It was simply divine. Of course if you got bored of Halo 3: ODST (I don’t know how) directly behind was these martial arts guys (I’m using technical terms of course) with what looked like bamboo sticks and so much armor they could give an ODST a run for his money! The guys where a blur of armor and bamboo as they attacked each other and I didn’t know who was winning and who was losing but what I do know is that it was cool.

The hiphop guys were really good with the hipping and the hopping as well as lots of head spinning and leg-kicking. The music played was one would presume to be hiphop music, Of course if you haven’t noticed by now I don’t know the first thing about hip hop. I did recognize one of the songs which was the Gorillaz only hit, Feel Good inc. There was a hiphop competition but I couldn’t get a hold of the winners to find out their names but do I know they were the guys in big baggy t-shirts, jean shorts and basketball shoes so congratulations to those guys!

Overall the event was really good and I can’t wait for next years one. The OzBoxLive team had a blast playing Halo, DJ Hero and watching Halo Legends. Maybe I’ll hit the books and brush up on hiphop music for next year!

Check out the official Freestyle Masters site HERE

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