Community Playdate – BLUR

Hey all.

To celebrate the launch of our newly-revamped website, OzBoxLive are holding another Xbox official Community Playdate!!

This time around we’re playing the new release “Blur”, a fast-paced racing game with a frantic, weapons-based twist. The multiplayer is tons of fun and a barrel of laughs, with up to 20 racers playing together in one massive on-road skirmish.

The event starts at 8pm AEST on Friday 25th June, so look out for the following OzBoxLive gamertags on the night:

CardShark 360
Liddle D Loopy

Also, please add the gamertag OzBoxLive – this is only a Silver profile, but we’ll be using it to organise everybody into games on the night. (If that profile’s friends list fills up, feel free to add one of the OzBoxLive team so you can join in on all the action on the night still.)

For more information on our official Xbox Playdate, head either to our website or the Community Playdate page.

Hope to see you all online on the night, and don’t forget to check out our site and social pages for all the latest Aussie Xbox news, reviews and discussions.

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    David Lynch June 8, 2010 at 4:52 pm -

    For those curious still, the Blur Multiplayer beta demo has been re-added to the Live Marketplace (queue the download from here: ).

    Also, Big W still has it on sale for $58.84 in last week’s catalogue. That finishes up on Weds. 16th June, so get into a store fast!! (Catalogue: )