Apparently, Rockstar will be a no show at this year’s E3. Disappointing? For me, very much! Does this mean that we’re going to have to keep speculating on a new Grand Theft Auto? Will there be no gritty bullet-riddled screenings of that grizzled veteran Max Payne? Could it be that we’ll get no new titular sneak-peek reels for murder-mystery L.A. Noire?

What are we going to do!

Sure, they may be resting on their laurels with their latest and greatest, Red Dead Redemption, but surely this doesn’t excuse the studios we know and love from giving us something new and shiny? Perhaps it’s all a ploy – perhaps they will be there! And we’ll get something special… like Max Payne visiting the world of Grand Theft Auto, or maybe a wild west Manhunt? Who knows?

Despite all of that, I find it very interesting that they are a supposed no show to this year’s expo. For a studio who has never really managed a great deal of variety in their offerings, maybe this is a sign of the decline of the mainstay of Rockstar? There are only so many sandbox go-from-point-A-to-point-B-to-find-the-next-mission style games that we can take, and there have been some real show-stoppers in recent times. I’d hate to see oversaturation. Could it be that despite the popularity of the series, Grand Theft Auto is about to die (at least in its current format)? I, for one, am afraid that the tried and true formula may no longer be the bread winner that Rockstar has lived on for so long. The RAGE engine is starting to come into its own now with two major titles under the belt (the bustling GTA IV and the gritty Red Dead Redemption), and I secretly hope that Rockstar are tucked away somewhere with no time to come out to E3 – because they’re too busy thinking up something epic and intense to throw at us that we haven’t seen yet from these masters of open world design.

Of course, this is all my own speculation, and I really have no doubt that the next Grand Theft Auto will blow me away like every one before.

…Realistically, I just want them to do something with Science Fiction!

Come on GTA: Lunar Base Stories!

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