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With E3 just around the corner, all the big companies are announcing a few of their games that will be on show or have news about them in order to build hype for the big event. Capcom so far have announced there will be five games on show for the Xbox 360 so far.

-Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

-Dead Rising 2

-Dead Rising: Case Zero (Xbox 360 Exclusive)

-Marvel VS Capcom 3

-Moto GP 09/10

With new announcements during E3 itself, here’s what I’d like to see announced from Capcom as well as a few more out there franchises. Note some of these have already been announced but I’d still like to see some extra information on them.

Monster Hunter Frontier – Monster Hunter Frontier was released on the PC quite some time ago and there’s been more details about the Xbox 360 port in the last few weeks. Seeing a much larger announcement on this at E3 would be promising. Given the major success of Monster Hunter Tri as well, this wouldn’t be too suprising. Combine this with Peace Walker floating around and it would be the perfect time to cross-promote the two. Given Snake has his own Monster Hunter mode in PSP, they could possibly do the same thing with Lost Planet characters in Frontier and I’d love to see this. They already fight Akrid, why not a Gobul, Rathian, Barroth or Jhen Mohran?

Devil May Cry 5 – I’m a big fan of the harder combo-style games, Bayonetta (bar the odd story) was a fun twitch response action game. Give us the difficulty back of some of the earlier titles and stick with Dante as a playable character, then I’d be happy. Given the first title is now a little aged, seeing a remake or an extension of it would be very pleasing as it’s the one I’ve enjoyed the most over the years. Or maybe they could remake Devil May Cry 2 and just make it well…good.

Resident Evil 6 – There’s been rumours and all kinds of little tidbits to do with this franchise floating around the Internet. Some are saying it’ll be related to the movies, previous statements have been made to say it will be a complete franchise reboot. Let’s see some more information! It’s a little difficult to speculate exactly how they’ll do things right now, they may even decide to remake an older Resident Evil. 2 and 3 are still my favourites and given the craze over remaking recently this actually wouldn’t be all that suprising.

God Hand 2 – Now this was a Playstation 2 title but this announcement would be my favourite of the Expo were it to happen. Given Clover Studio is gone it’s rather unlikely but with Okamiden currently in the works, you never know. Even a decent remake of the first one with 60 frames per second and some extra content would please me, but God Hand isn’t quite old enough to justify that.

Rival Schools 3 – There’s been so many rumours about Rival Schools being revived it does my head in. Although it’s most likely going to stay a dead franchise with Tatsunoko VS Capcom having Batsu as a playable character it does show there was popularity for the series. On the Dreamcast and originally the Playstaion this was quite a popular fighter and one of the earlier to really have the 3D characters fighting on a 2D plain. With the processing power of the Xbox360 Team Up and Party Up attacks would look devestating! Plus with the much larger disk space there would be potential for countless more minigames like the older Japanese versions had.

Kellogg's VS Capcom - New Age of Breakfast

Who knows what Capcom'll bring out these days?

Power Stone 3 – Power Stone 1 and 2 are cult hits for many people out there. It’s another franchise a restoration is doubtful to but to see Power Stone be brought to the next-gens would be a smart move, especially given the 4 controller support. Even through these are next-gen consoles this is a game that has always been somewhat kiddy in its approach and if it’s made I do hope it stays that way. If this was to be released though it would seem more like an XBLA release due to the way it’s presented. Even Power Stone 2 on XBLA would be great and given the recent announcement by SEGA of Dreamcast titles being shipped to XBLA this wouldn’t suprise me at all.

Street Fighter III: 4th <attacking move> – Now this’ll never happen but I much prefer 3rd Strike over Street Fighter IV. XBLA release, chuck a couple of the SFIV characters in there for kicks, a stack of damage fixes and give Sean back his Shoryuken from Double Impact. Then I’d be able to use my Makoto again without her being so nerfed… 3rd Strike on the other hand I could see being re-released over XBLA with the Dreamcast announcement so I might just have to be happy with that one.

Street Fighter: Sky Stage – If SNK can make a vertical shoot’em up using their King of Fighters franchise characters as playable characters, I don’t see for a moment why Capcom can’t emulate the same thing. Bullet Hells are still popular and relatively easy to make. If we take the City Hunter version of Ken for example, clearly he can fire Hadoukens at the rate that a bullet hell would require. Give him C. Viper flying boots and you’re set! Or just had Bison with Psycho Balls. Alternatively, just had random characters firing giat beams without explanation, whatever works really.

A Lost Planet sports title – Considering other franchises have done weirder, why not a Lost Planet one also? Could be VS Racing, Winteror Summer Olympics given Lost Planet 2 has a more tropical approach. They’re already half way there with the trial system on Lost Planet 2, just flesh that out with some more depth and you have a standard track and field event. Ice Hockey would be a whole new ball game if you could anchor to obstacles, have the Disc Grenade as the ball and attack eachother. It’d be very much a Deathrow 2.

Duck Tales HD – If SEGA are rebooting Sonic with the old 2D approach with 3D graphics, why can’t Capcom do the same with a game that ate up most of my childhood – Duck Tales.

Namco X Capcom (in English) – One can dream, can’t he?

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