E3 2010: Has Natal’s Sale-Name Been Leaked?


Italy helped form an Empire spanning centuries. They were central in the Renaissance period of intense intellectual and cultural growth. And now, they’re the source of final speculation in the future of the gaming format!!

An ad developed for Italian markets shows off not only the Natal hardware box, but the name Kinect and a slimmer black 250GB console. Apparently the name “Kinect” was trademarked back in April for “computer software, computer hardware, and computer peripherals”. Throw in the ad – first posted by an Italian website that itself sourced back to the official Italian Xbox.com page, and was suspiciously pulled down almost immediately after the post!! – and you’ve got a pretty convincing theory.

Just as interesting is the Xbox “slim” -rumours of which have been floating around for months on end. Not too keen on the straight-edged look myself, but with a console revision hopefully Microsoft have been able to fix some of the high-profile problems that the 360 can experience.

Whilst this is all speculation still (despite the evidence supporting the theory), all will be confirmed in the very near future. Keep one eye on E3 – something is bound to be mentioned in Microsoft’s Cirque de Soleil performance.


Edit:  Microsoft’s Cirque de Soleil has finished, and Mark can confirm that Kinect is the project name. Apparently it was a great experience, so make sure you check it out on Foxtel on the 26th June.

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    Mathew Farrugia June 14, 2010 at 11:08 pm -

    I KNEW IT! lol thanks for the heads up i knew they would announce the name :)