E3 2010 – The Future of Gaming


In just a few days time the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles will begin, with the entire world watching to see what Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will do next. This is the best time of the entire year to be an video game fan – and more specifically an Xbox fan! – as for the first time ever Australian’s will be able to watch the Xbox Presentation streamed live thanks to Foxtel and the Fox8 channel.

Last year I had the opportunity to attend E3 and be on the show floor, play games that were months away from being released and interview game developers. It was absolutely insane and was nothing that I expected. Before the event had even started I had met Tony Hawk, seen the original Ghostbusters car, had photos with stunning Booth Babes and been to the Xbox Presentation. And what a presentation it was! I remember quite vividly starting off with The Beatles – Rock Band then moving on to Tony Hawk, Call of Duty, Forza 3 and other big announcements and games. Then when you think it’s all over out comes Steven Spielberg with the bombshell of announcements – Project Natal.

The atmosphere in the room was incredible as the crowd witnessed a glimpse of the future  of gaming. No longer is there a controller in your hands but you are the controller. Since that time nearly a year ago little has been revealed about the Natal technology to the world. We still don’t know the official name, pricing, release date and more importantly the games that it will support.

Well E3 2010 should change all that and to start things off Microsoft are hosting a special Project Natal event just before E3 even begins. At the event we will have a special performance from Cirque De Soleil showing off movement and controller free gaming to the world.

One thing I am looking forward to finding out is what else the camera can do other than gaming. Watching movies should be an entirely new experience as you wave your hand to make a selection and use the voice recognition to control the settings. Even HD Video chat will be different simply because the quality will be that much more immersive when talking to family and friends via Xbox Live. What about building things like using CAD for architects, Photoshop for graphic designers or even video editing like in “Minority Report”? The possibilities are endless.

At the end of the day it’s all about the games first and foremost, and as such the developers have more freedom than ever before to create games with no boundaries or restrictions. Regardless of the genre it is possible to create some truly spectacular gaming experiences and that is exactly what I hope to see over the next week.

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is a Microsoft Xbox MVP and the Executive Producer of www.OzBoxLive.com. Check out the podcast “OzBoxLive Radio” to hear what he has to say about all things Xbox Down Under. Favorite games include anything with Batman, Lego and Portals.

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