E3 Preview – Dabura911: “If Wishes Were Fishes…”


Only coming around once a year, E3 throws up a ton of news in a short space of time. So here’s is a list of some of the things I’d love to be announced this year –  some of them may be public knowledge, but when it comes to gaming, you can never have enough info on upcoming games…

* Condemned 3 Announcement

I thought Condemned 1 was spooky and lived up to what it wanted to be. Condemned 2 took it up a notch, adding more scary scenes and having online play. Unfortunatey, there’s been no news (that I know of) that there is going to be a Condemned 3, but anything is possible. I’d really love to get that chill down my spine when I play the Condemned series one last time.

* Team Fortress 2 Downloadable Content

"Hey… you gonna eat that?"

Both myself and a friend of mine have noticed that computer gamers have been getting far more content for Team Fortress 2 than 360 gamers. Logistics aside, I think this is a little unfair to their solid 360 fanbase and I don’t see why they shouldn’t release this stuff onto the Xbox Live Marketplace. Sure it may cost a bit for all of the content, but that doesn’t stop them from maybe selling a special edition in-store with all of the downloads. Even if you did have to pay for them all on Xbox Live it would be money well spent.

* Alan Wake Surprise DLC

If you pre-ordered Alan Wake then you would know that you got a little surprise download, but we cannot access it till the 28th of June. I have an idea of what it is but I’d like some definite clues (or even an outright statement). I’m just eager for some more Alan Wake action – aren’t you?

* Overlord 3 Announcement

The original Overlord game (one I’ve personally reviewed) was one of the best games I’ve ever played. It was funny, had good gameplay and was just a thrill to see the story unfold. The sequel, however, was a bit disappointing – whilst it was entertaining in it’s own way, it just wasn’t as good as its predecessor. There is room for a 3rd game in the franchise and I know there are a lot of Overlord fans out there, so I’m sure they could squeeze out another game for us. But I really hope they take lessons from their 1st game and not the 2nd or else I fear it may only go downhill from here on out.

* Will Gears Of War 3  Be The Last Of The Franchise?

There’s been plenty of hype and promise, but I want to know if Epic have anything up their sleeves for the countless fans they have post-Gears. I’m almost certain that they won’t stop here  – they have to do something with it, whether it’s a prequel, an arcade game, anything!! But I really just want to know will this next game be the last of the franchise, I certainly doubt it and hope not.

* Further Details On Natal

Project Natal is not the product’s real name, just a project name they gave it, so I’m surious how it’s going to be named and promoted. Not only that but I’m not really buying into the product to be honest. All I’ve really seen is the basics – you know, your average move around, smash and hit stuff games. But I want to see what other games coming out that will be compatible with this product. If there’s some interesting interpretations then I will definitely consider giving this thing a try.

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