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The line on Day 1 of the 2009 Computer Games Boot Camp.

The Computer Games Boot Camp (or CGBC) is the brainchild of Andrew Owen, who wanted to create an educational environment for high school students to learn about the games industry. Students would not only get to play games but also hear from people in all aspects of the games industry, from programming to games journalism.

With the help of Monash University, that idea became a reality in 2009 when the first CGBC was held. The interest in this forum was vastly underestimated – it was predicted that 200 students from across Melbourne would show up ,when actually 500 students from across Australia and the world arrived that cold July mourning. I was there and for a crowd of 500 people one would imagine there would be trouble, but no, there was total harmony within the crowd. Everyone was just excited to be there.

The 2010 Computer Games Boot Camp has learned from last year, making sure that the venue is adequate for the expected 1500+ people to be in attendance across the now seven day event. It will be bigger and better than before with more games, more consoles and speakers from all across the games industry. Sponsors from all over have joined the bandwagon, from the big console companies such as Microsoft to 3d modeling software creators Autodesk. I of course will be attending and I look forward to what CGBC 2010 has to offer.

If you can’t attend this year you can follow the action everyday on the OzBoxLive facebook page. To find out more about this year’s event and see more photos from last year’s event, go to the CGBC website.

Absolutely all consoles were represented at the 2009 CGBC – even ones that were created before most of the attendees were born!!
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    Mathew Farrugia July 3, 2010 at 4:38 pm -

    I cant attend but ill certainly try and get as much info on this as i can :) goodluck