OzBoxLive Game Night @ CGBC 2010

OzBoxLive Game Night @ CGBC 2010

Last night was an absolute blast! For the better part of two and a half hours Monash University and the people of CGBC 2010 let us have their room and their 50 Xbox’s (All system linked I might add) for a night of gaming delight. The major games running for our 100+ party was 4v4 Halo 3 across four screens, Modern Warfare 2 four player free for all on two screens and Gears of war 2 across four screens. By far these were the most popular title with the majority of attendees huddled around for most of the night.

The other games available to play were Blur, Alan Wake, Alien Vs Predator, DJ Hero, Super Street Fighter IV (with Arcade sticks) and Beautiful Katamari to name a few. Everything was packed and there was never a dull moment. One of the CGBC helpers wowed the crowd by playing DJ hero on expert almost flawlessly and more watched SSFIV rather than play it. The people were a very friendly and helpful crowd, even the wild bunch playing Viva Pinata: Party Animals all night.  You would think that with 100+ people and only 50 Xbox’s that there would be chaos, surprisingly this is not the case. Everyone was as happy to watch as they were to play.

Everyone had a great time and it was a shame the night had to come to and end but there is more to come with OzBoxLive running events throughout CGBC 2010.

To check out more photos from the night click HERE to view the official OzBoxLive FaceBook Gallery.

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