OzBoxLive Presentation @ CGBC2010

Mark from OzBoxLive talks about OzBoxLive, XBOX MVP, E3 2010, Booth Babes and Jalapenos

Mark from OzBoxLive was invited to speak at the Computer Games Boot Camp at Monash University Clayton about OzBoxLive and his experiences at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo which was also streamed LIVE around the world thanks to USTREAM. He did this by using an Xbox 360 console and having his photos and a range of Xbox Game related music saved on a USB drive. The approximately 1000+ students loved everything he was talking about as the majority of young students are attending the camp to learn about the games industry in one form or another whether that is as a Games Journalist, Developer, Artist, Musician, Writer etc.

Mark picks up the two most important badges for E3

One of the new things that was discussed was the Xbox MVP program that Mark is now apart of and the Summit that he attended earlier in the year at the Microsoft Head Office in Seattle. He shared his experiences and several photos of interesting people that he had the chance to meet. In regards to E3 2010 he discussed the Xbox 360 Booth in detail, some of the things he got up to and gave a warning to everyone about what a Jalapeno actually is.

Finally he showed his favorite game trailers from E3 which got the entire crowd very excited. This included trailers from Halo: Reach, Gears of War 3, Fable 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops and several Kinect Titles. He even managed to show some world exclusive footage of him playing several Kinect titles such as Kinect Sports, Kinectimals and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and even inserted some interesting footage of him at one of the after parties.

The biggest highlight for a lot of the students was when he spoke about the New Xbox 360 console and actually brought his in to show the crowd. Even though it was released in Australia on the 1st of July the majority of students had never seen one before and were all very curious to learn about the new features and design choices.

Mark managed to stay at the Camp for the entire week to represent OzBoxLive and help answer any Microsoft related questions. He supplied all the games to run on the 50 Xbox 360 consoles and helped students with short bios on each game as well as gave tips.

For more info on the Computer Games Boot Camp at Monash University click HERE. This is a once a year event that is the biggest of its kind in Australia and Free for young students to attend.

Mark Libman – Presentation at CGBC 2010

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