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Before I begin this is the first midnight release I have ever been to and if they are all like this I will definitely go to more. Halo Reach is the most hotly anticipated game of 2010 and finally it hits shelves today. The OzBoxLive team went down to the release at EB games at Knox shopping center in Melbourne along with several hundred Halo fans to await the release. I was amazed at how many people were there I thought it would be 20 die-hard fans but it seems there are more than I imagined. Big thumbs up to EB games for putting on a great show and entertaining us all right up till midnight.

The night started slow but closer to midnight the shop was packed. To keep you entertained while you waited to take home your copy, EB games held a Halo Reach tournament which was a twelve player free-for-all and the winner got a EB Games $50 gift card. Given that besides the beta nobody has had time to practice their Skills at Reach everyone was on a fairly level playing field which made for some very close battles. Congratulations to the winner Maison Borsodi who came out on top and took away the gift card. I caught up with him after the tournament and asked him how he felt about Halo Reach and he said it’s… “ A significant improvement on halo 3.”

The Legendary edition of Halo reach is quite a sight to see. The box itself is huge and has some weight to it. In the legendary edition along with a copy of Halo Reach you also get a hand-made, hand-painted statue of noble team which is numbered and weighs in at about 5 kilos, Some in game content like a flaming helmet, a diary of one of the members of noble team complete with a U.N.S.C security tag bookmark and iron-on Spartan patch and a whole bunch of other themed bits of paper. Completely worth the $219 price tag. However if that is out of your price range (and you are not that into Halo) then the game itself can be purchased for a more affordable $110.

Overall the night was a great success and I can’t wait to sit down and play Reach. So I’m now going to run to my Xbox and not leave for the next several days. See you all online.

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