NBA Elite 11 – Preview

You see how close his head was to the rim?!?

Here is the next NBA game from EA and from what I’ve seen its turning out to be a really good one. They have a vision and that is to make it as realistic as possible unlike NBA 2010 which was good but was lacking in realism. Especially in the shooting were you would hit the shoot button and it was all luck whether it went it. I am a huge fan of NBA games and from what I have seen this game is turning out to be a very good installment in the NBA series.

Cover for NBA Elite 11

What they are doing in NBA Elite 11 is enhancing every aspect of dribbling, shooting and defending so that everything is different and so it’s not always the say. Dribbling that are making it more technical you will be able to freely now move the ball under your legs and around your back making it more realistic to today’s NBA. With the shooting there making it all based on skill because you have to time your shots and make sure that’s it rights and that way you don’t just have to sit there and hit a button anymore.

Down below is a trailer of the vision for the game “NBA Elite 11” and it will show you a visual of what they are bringing into this game. NBA Elite 11 is going to be coming to stores in Australia 7/10/2010 and promises to be a great installment to the franchise. I strongly recommend checking this game out. Be sure to check back here for more previews.

What are your guys thoughts and comments on this upcoming release from EA?

NBA Elite 11 – Official Game Website

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