Alan Wake: The Writer

I never knew you could wipe out the forces of darkness with a flashlight….

Alan Wake: The Writer downloadable content is out on Xbox Live finally after much anticipation from it’s fans.

In case you did not know Alan Wake is a Psychological Action Thriller that has a very deep and breath taking story. The story however has continued through the downloadable content. First there was The Signal as a download  which is a follow up to the game and now there is The Writer which is a download following up from where The Signal left off. Alan Wake is fully aware of what apposes him and he must experience thrilling and nightmarish situations that will keep  him  and you on your toes. Saying anything else may spoil the game but that’s pretty much what too expect.

The Writer costs 560 Microsoft points which is I think personally is a reasonable price but i would only recommend you buy it if you have The Signal first which is also 560 Microsoft points. If you are like some people and have neither my advice would be to only buy them if you really enjoyed Alan Wake because both of them together would make 1120 Microsoft points which is indeed a fair bit but a small price to pay if you absolutely love Alan Wake.

Check out the trailer below to get a glimpse what’s waiting for you in the depths of Alan Wake: The Writer.

Alan Wake – Game Detail Page

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