Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun

There is a zombie invasion and you’re stuck in a wheelchair what do you do…CHAINSAW!

Keiji Inafune the mastermind behind the dead rising games decided to make a movie called “Zombrex Dead Rising Sun“ which is based on the games but has its own separate story. And not only that it but it just so happens to be free! No one needs to pay a cent to watch his creative mind at work, it is all free.

The movie is basically about a Asian teenager who is paralyzed from the waist down and is stuck in a wheelchair. He is trying to survive a zombie apocalypse with his brother, however they bump into some unwanted company that make their life complete agony and I’m not talking about the zombies. The rest of the story is pretty basic, innocent people doing what they can to survive. There is also a few funny moments that definitely come from the original game Dead Rising and the highly anticipated sequel.

Uhhh…hey buddy wanna back off? your kinda creepin me out…

Just to let you know right now this is not a perfect movie, there is no special effects in this film. I myself do not like the fact that  none of the actors speak English and so there voices are dubbed over with English voice actors. It is a clever way to disguise it but you can tell it is not them at all and sometimes wrecks the mood. You must take in mind it was directed by a game developer. His goal was to make it feel like a video game so it is definitely different to your average film. Never the less I’m sure a Dead Rising fanatic like myself will enjoy the experience. This is an opportunity no fan should miss it is completely free, there are no strings attached and it was a fun film to watch and experience.

At the very least you must watch the trailer, yes it is not the perfect horror movie but it is indeed one of a kind and I enjoyed the movie never the less and was very amused by what I saw regardless of its flaws. This movie should not be missed by any horror or Dead Rising fan.

Official Zombrex : Dead Rising Sun Website

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