Red Dead Redemption’s Undeadly DLC

Rockstars New DLC is horrific…Just the way I like it

John Marston is back in a whole new RED DEAD REDEMPTION zombie style.

This new pack is creepy up and out of the fiery pits of hell giving  John Marston another run at saving the day but not just his family this time but the country with acid spitting ghouls and flesh ripping zombie bears or playing poker with Seth the Grave Robber and his unlively friend in this new installment of RED DEAD REDEMPTION with give not only a nice bang for your buck but some nice friendly zombie are included just to make things a little bit more scary.

I cant wait to see how Rockstar has done this new DLC. My only hope is that it isn’t to much like LEFT 4 DEAD or Dead Rising, but i can’t wait to get my hands on it as its is pretty much a new game not just a “3 Map addon” and for 800Mp its a really good deal. The Undead Nightmare DLC pack has an entirely new and lengthy campaign and challenges,  new multiplayer modes, weapons, zombie animals, mythical creatures, and a new secret location.

“For Better….Or Worse..I Do”

The release date for the Undead Nightmare pack is 26th October. It will be priced at 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. It will also be released as a standalone disc for $29.95USD

Check out the DLC trailer.

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