Dabura911’s Zombie Massacre Game Nights

They are coming….. IT”S ABOUT TIME!

I am having 2 game nights very soon and I would like to invite all of you to come join in the fun and help me smash some zombies!

The first game night will be on Friday 29th of October from 8PM to 10PM. The game will be Left For Dead 2, the game with probably the most craziest and just insane amount of zombies I’ve ever seen.

The second game is a personal favorite is mine and I have wanted to make this a game night for quite while now and I finally get the chance. Due to myself and also a fan’s suggestion on the 31st of October from 8PM to Midnight I will be hosting a game night for Dead Rising 2!

I would like to also thank El macho46 a good friend of mine for suggesting this game night and contributing to my event. El macho46 works for an American website called Twitzor so if you feel like it check it out. If you like Twittor, gaming and happen to be an American I’m sure you will like the site.

This is how I will sort out the game nights. If you are interested in playing just add me on Xbox live my gamer tag is “Dabura911” and send me a quick message just notifying me why you have added me EG: Hello Dabura911 I would like to attend your Dead Rising 2 game night. If you want to attend both that’s fine just let me know. Once you have added me and sent me a message then I will invite you when the game night starts into a party chat and into a game I have created so then we can all stay in contact and laugh the night away.

I can’t wait for these game nights especially my second game night and I want everyone to have as much fun as possible, so tell some friends about it if you like after all the more zombies spread across the floor the better.

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