Dead Rising 2: Case West

There is a new DLC coming out for Dead Rising 2 on the Xbox 360 and it is called Case West.

It’s a very weird name to me but the reason why it’s called Case West is because Frank West is in it! My guess is that Frank west plays alongside you which means your Co-op buddy should be able to play as him, either that or he must help you out during the game like getting you information on the enemy and such.

If the only thing Frank gets to do is simply just get Chuck information on what to do then I will be VERY disappointed.

If you can’t tell I’m a big fan of the original Dead Rising and I want to see the old photographer I remember kick some zombie butt.

Lets end this… one Zombie at a time!

This download is pretty much a sequel to Dead Rising 2, it takes off after you obtain the true ending. I’m not too sure of the rest but I have a good feeling it has something to do with Frank and Chuck joining forces to defeat the evil corporation who started this whole mess.

This is apparently the true ending to Dead Rising 2. So you have to unlock the true ending to get overtime mode to get the real true ending THEN  you have buy case west and THEN  you can get the true true ending…. confusing isn’t it?

Well regardless of this I still cant wait to get my hands on this DLC because I want to see Frank join forces with Chuck to really give us a run for our money and show us what they can really do one last time, all heroes go out with a bang and in this case I hope it’s a bloody big one.

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