XperienceXpo 2011 – Charity Event

It’s that time of year for another XperienceXpo. The OzBoxLive team have put together another amazing event to raise money for The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation. They have over 30 Xbox 360’s set up on location at The State Library of Victoria in the Experimedia Room. The entire area will be transformed into an Xbox 360 Gamers Dream with all the latest and best games available to play in HD on Massive Projectors, Big Screen TVs and PC Monitors.

This year there are some major changes such as the event being on a Saturday afternoon as opposed to the usual Friday night. We hope to get a larger group of gamers this year and encourage parents, children, casual gamers and of course the “hardcore” gamers to attend. There will be something for everyone as we have several “Gaming Zones”.

Some Halo Gaming at XperienceXpo 2010

The KINECT Zones will feature some of the best titles available today such as Kinect Sports, Child of Eden, Virtua Tennis 4 and more. We want to make this as interactive and fun as possible and encourage all gamers new to Kinect to have a go and try out this very new and exciting way to play games.

Large Projector Screens will be located around the event to give gamers that Big Action E3 feeling with games such as Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Cars 2, Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars and more. We will even feature Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and HALO 3: ODST on two projectors for some awesome 8-Player Multiplayer Action. On top of that we will go back to the beginning with something we have never had before… an Xbox Original featuring HALO: Combat Evolved for the fans.

Mark and David from OzBoxLive

In the MA15+ Room (need to think of a better name) we will have some of the best Action, Adventure, Shooters, Fighters set up with private HD screens and headphones for a more intimate experience. Games such as F3AR, Red Faction: Armageddon and Duke Nukem: Forever will be on show for the more mature gamers to get their more violent gaming fix. NOTE: Must be over 15 Years of age… hence the name of the room.

Finally we have the rest of the games that we can not talk about at this stage. But put it this way they are all amazing and all recent titles. Just in case you have missed out on XperienceXpo in the past you may not be aware that it gets even better. There will be 10 Raffle Prizes available and some of the these prizes include – One Year Subscriptions to The Official Australian Xbox Magazine, 12 Month Xbox Live Gold Codes, Halo Legends DVD Movie, Xbox 360 with KINECT and even more. Oh yeah I almost forgot… every single game at the event this year will be up for grabs in our Raffle!

Kinect Sports will be playable over Xbox Live

On top of all of this all the money raised at the raffle will go to The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation. You will even be able to play against Gamers at the Hospital via Xbox Live in certain KINECT titles. This will be the biggest event that the OzBoxLive team have put together so please show your support and check it out on Saturday JULY 23rd. More big announcements will be made over the week so keep checking back here and be sure to join our FaceBook Page.

DATE: Saturday 23rd July 2011 (1:00pm – 5:30pm)



VENUE: Experimedia – 328 Swanston St Melbourne

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