NBA JAM is Back Again

When I first heard about Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) I knew that this would change gaming forever. The ability to download small Arcade like games directly to your console without having to go to Blockbuster Video or Harvey Norman just to hold a physical box. I distinctly remember just how excited I was when I downloaded games such as Bomber-Man Live, Perfect Dark, Street Fighter II and other classics from my childhood days. Finally after years and years of waiting we finally have one of the most important games of all time making its début… NBA JAM: On Fire Edition.


For those of you that were not around in the days of the Super Nintendo or Sega Magadrive the NBA JAM franchise was unique simply because it was so much fun. There were very few games back then (and even today) that you could so easily pick up and have a blast playing in just a few minutes. After learning some more of the advanced gameplay mechanics you could pull of some amazing shots and slam dunks. But I think for me what makes the game so special is the memories I have back at TimeZone (Arcade) playing on the massive 4-Player Arcade Cabinet for hours upon hours on end. Then of course the brilliant audio commentary by Tim Kitrow who describes everything you do in the game from the Alley-Oops to the Double Dunks and of course the classic “He’s on Fire!”

Look how sexy this looks

If for some bizzare reason you have not experienced this back in the Arcades, SNES, N64, iPhone or even recently on the Xbox 360 then you are in for a real treat when it come out later this year. The new features and enhancements are going to make this a MUST buy for all Xbox 360 owners. On top of all this it will be released for just 1200 MS Points. More details soon but in the meantime check out some of the gameplay footage listing some of the more exciting new features.


  • All New Team-Fire
  • All New Razzle Dazzle
  • TAG Mode is Back
  • New Online Co-Op Campaign
  • All New Legends
  • Roster Updates
  • Real AI
  • Enhanced Gameplay
  • New Unlockables
  • Advanced Online Progression
  • Only 1200 MS Points

Looking forward to creating my own Mascot Character once again… Basketball Head with Nickname as Zippy.

Game Detail Page

What do you think about NBA JAM – On Fire Edition?

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    Mathew Farrugia July 29, 2011 at 7:33 pm -

    Great post man, very nice rundown on what we should expect :)