Coming Soon To Xbox Live – House Party 2012

“Everyone in the house, come on let me hear you say ‘download’…”

OK, maybe those aren’t the words, but they’re probably what Microsoft want you to do. Just posted up on the Live Marketplace video section is the trailer for this year’s “House Party” for XBLA titles – think of the “Winter/Summer of Arcade” -style promotion, but without the confusion between having to change the season in the ads between the two hemispheres!!

Anyway… the games in this year’s promo are as follows:

  • Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – the follow-up (yet not a direct sequel) to Remedy Entertainment’s 2010 hit psychological thriller, Alan Wake. Whilst only an XBLA title, it certainly looks as intriguing as the previous full retail title.
  • Warp – a puzzle/adventure game from Trapdoor. You’re an alien trying to escape from an underwater research facility, in a similar (yet different) vein to ‘Splosion Man.
  • Nexuiz – a fast-paced “arena” FPS ( a la Quake and the like), from IIIFonic and THQ. It’s based on a free-to-play release of the same name, first released on the PC back in 2005. At the moment it only seems like it has online multiplayer – no singleplayer mode has been announced.
  • I Am Alive – the long-awaited Ubisoft survival game arrives!! In a post-apocalyptic world, you search for your long-lost wife and daughter. With an emphasis on climing and exploration, players will have to manage stamina in order to do all the physical work required to survive in such a disaster zone.

Pricing and the exact dates of the promotion haven’t been released as yet (apparently the video was put up on the Marketplace by accident!! Oops!!), but should make an appearance soon. As always, though, the titles in these bi-annual XBLA events are (nearly) always of high-quality and anticipation, so make sure you’ve got your MSpoints topped up!!

You can queue the download for your console here, or cut out the middleman and watch it below. Which one(s) are you all most excited for?

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