Metro: Last Light – Genesis Trailer

Back in the dark days of 2010 a gem appeared in the world of games. Kind of a strange gem, and not many people saw its value. Metro: 2033 was a bit ignored and not as awarded as I think it deserved. It was put down as being too difficult or complicated. But I found it to be one of the most atmospheric and enjoyable game experiences that led to me playing through the whole game 3 times in one go. It took til the third go to actually learn/understand some of the game mechanics, but as you unlocked a deeper understanding of the game its quality and richness grew. And now the sequel is upon us. Set for a 16th of May release date, Metro: Last Light is really looking up to being one of this year’s great experiences.

The game is set one year after the first and you continue the story of Artyom, although the series has now taken a different direction to the series by Dmitry Glukhovsky, and although not much has been said about the game’s plot it’s looking to be another amazing title full of atmosphere and suspense… and above all – eye candy. The A4 engine is by far and away one of the most realistic and pretty engines in use and I simply cannot wait for this game to be released.

More to come soon and a review as soon as the game’s released, but until then let us know what you want to see from Metro: Last Light: What did you like or dislike about Metro: 2033 and what would you like to see changed? I for one would love to see some gun degradation, they’ve put so much emphasis on realism like wiping your gas mask clean and pumping up pneumatic weapons, why not have you need to clean and maintain your guns. I know this might seem like a tedious feature, but they did it in the books, and Metro is a game based off it’s realism and immersion in a realistic world. But I love where this game is going and the changes they’ve made. Don’t forget to let us know what you think and for now here’s the latest trailer for the game entitled “Genesis”, enjoy!

Metro: Last Light

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