One Week to E3 2013

In exactly one week from now Microsoft will start their keynote presentation focusing on the future of the next generation in gaming entertainment with the Xbox One. I know that a lot of people were disappointed, upset and even furious at the recent Xbox Reveal event. The thing that people forget is that Microsoft did not promise anyone that they would announce any games or specific features. This is why I not only enjoyed the Xbox One Reveal but actually started to get excited about E3. I was looking at this from the point of view of “bigger things to come” and “future possibilities”.

I am well aware that Microsoft spent a great deal of time focusing on TV, Skype, Internet, ESPN and other features other than gaming. But that is the entire point! Microsoft have done an amazing job pleasing the “Hardcore” gamers with Halo, Gears, Forza and the amazing Xbox Live service. The next step for Microsoft is to get the Casual Gamers excited and I believe that Microsoft is going to achieve that.

I remember seeing National Geographic and Sesame Street for Kinect. Whilst these are games that I will never play I could instantly see the appeal for parents with young children. Interactive Television where you decide what happens next and can actually talk too and interact with the characters. Now with the Xbox One this is a very real probability for exclusive content for everyone of all ages.


Sesame Street TV for the Kinect

The ESPN partnership is completely irrelevant to Australia. BUT if you actually think about the possibilities and what that could actually mean for us. What about AFL, Cricket, Tennis and most importantly The Olympics. The future of watching your favourite sports shows will be much more detailed and interactive than ever before. And thanks to Skype you will be able to enjoy an event with family and friends regardless of where they live. Hopefully we will get this National Broadband Network that I’ve heard rumours about first.

Halo The TV Series by Steven Spielberg was easily the most amazing announcement for me and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an official trailer at E3 and Mr. Spielberg on stage. This is a huge deal to have something at this level changes everything and is a massive step forward for Microsoft. Just imagine the future if this is a success… Gears of War, Perfect Dark, Alan Wake, Kameo, Banjo-Kazooie, UNO and so many more franchises would make amazing animated or live action TV shows.

The new controller looks great and I particularly love that the Guide Button has been moved slightly higher. No longer will noobs accidentally press this mid-game. And learning about the new vibrations features inside the triggers actually sounds really useful for a range of games.


The Xbox One controller

I was disappointed that we didn’t learn that much about the new Kinect or see any cool demos. But that is what E3 is for. I’m excited to see some really new and intuitive features that utilize the controller and Kinect at the same time. Having Kinect included with every console will give developers the power and freedom to create several control methods and unique gameplay features that are only possible on Xbox One.

Finally the Xbox One name and design. Like any new product that you hear the official name for the first time it takes a while to grow on you. I remember when we all heard KINECT people would still call it “Kinetic” for the first week. You can imagine all the slogans for Xbox One very easily… The ONE addition to your family room, ONE system that does everything, ONE ring to rule them all etc. Personally it hasn’t clicked with me yet and that’s just why I’m so excited to see the banners, billboards, posters and advertising campaigns.

At the end of the day Microsoft did a brilliant job with the Xbox Reveal as they got everyone talking. Even though there is a lot of negative comments floating around the web. In one week from now Microsoft will focus on the games and I am positive they will make all the hardcore gamers very happy and impress everyone with some of the very new and exciting capabilities of the Xbox One

What did you think of the Xbox Reveal? Share your thoughts both Positive and Negative with us. What are you excited most about at the E3 Presentation?

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