E3 – Dark Souls II

Don’t you just love those games that provide true challenges yet have you wanting for more? Well, good news! During E3, Publisher From Software and Developer Namco Bandai Games released a teaser for the next edition in the Souls franchise with Dark Souls II.

The game’s story revolves around a cursed character who seeks to cure his agony. Dark Souls II has been said that the story will have no affiliation with its predecessor. Mechanics will remain the same as the developers have stated they have no intention of changing them.

I couldn’t help but jump out of my seat in excitement when I saw the teaser trailer for this but the washed over the sadness of having to wait as Dark Souls II isn’t set to launch until March of 2014.

Anyone think that the Ornstein and Smough boss fight will be beaten in terms of difficulty in Dark Souls II?

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