E3 – Ryse: Son of Rome

While watching the demo for Ryse: Son of Rome by Crytek, one word in particular kept cycling through my mind and that word was, “AWESOME!”

Set during Ancient Rome, you play as Marius Titus, a soldier climbing the ranks and on his way to becoming a general. Marius’ drive comes from when his family is murdered in the north by the barbarian hordes and is hell bent on vengence.

During E3 2011, Ryse: Son of Rome was announced as an Xbox 360 exclusive title as well as hinting at being a Kinect exclusive. But over the last couple of years, Crytek further developed the game and removed it from being a kinect only, but still keeping in various voice commands and gestures that you may give to your squad.

Although the game is a hack and slash, watching over the demo, I couldn’t help but feel that as soon as you throw an enemy off balance and enter execution mode, you’ve pretty much already won. You can essentially kill nearly everyone just by pressing the right button sequence. I’m sure that Crytek might put a limit on the number of people you can mow down while in execution mode, however I’m curious if anyone else also feels that way about Ryse?

While you’re making up your mind, feel free to watch it over again with the demo footage from E3 2013 below. Ryse: Son of Rome is set to be released in November 2013.

Ryse: Son of Rome

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