Magic 2014: Duels of the Plainswalkers

Being a fan of the Magic the Gathering collectible card game, I was rather excited about the new release of Magic 2014: Duals of the Plainswalkers by Stainless Games.

Magic 2014 has you following the Story of Chandra Nalaar, a powerful fire Planeswalker who is on a quest seeking revenge. You have the choice of venturing through the single player campaign mode, battle it out with other Plainswalkers in the multiplayer battle mode or online and offline cooperative modes.

Magic 2014 introduces brand-new gameplay mechanics that can be used to create more diverse strategies along with the help of Sealed Play, a feature that allows players to build their own custom deck from scratch and players can gain virtual booster packs.

Magic 2014: Duals of the Plainswalkers is available now on the Xbox Live Market, going for 800 Microsoft Points.

Are there any Magic the Gathering fans that are looking forward to Magic 2014? Why or why not?

Magic 2014: Duals of the Plainswalkers

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