PAX Australia is Just Around the Corner!

As we all know by now, PAX is coming to Melbourne, Australia for the first time in its duration from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st of July. I am absolutely ecstatic as I have the opportunity to go and it is less than a week away! I have a feeling that there will be so much to do there that everyone attending will be overwhelmed and will not be able to go see everything they want to, however the experience alone of having such a large scale event and companies that are willing to make their way down under for the first time will be memorable enough as it is.

Personally the number one priority on my to see list at PAX is definitely the Xbox One as I did not have the opportunity to go to E3 and see it firsthand then and there. Hopefully I’ll be able to try out some Xbox One exclusive titles and any other next-gen games coming out that I’m looking forward to, learn a bit more in depth about the console and gain more insight about how smart glass is being incorporated more with the Xbox One and it’s perks.


My second priority is to pay a visit to developers that I grew up with and have loved their games ever since I was young, the makers of one of my all-time favourite RPG’s, Baldur’s Gate, yes I am talking about Bioware. Fingers crossed that they will reveal some new information about Dragon Age III: Inquisition, show some gameplay footage or maybe even a playable demo and if I’m really lucky I’ll try and get an interview; hopefully that’s not too much to ask for.

Something to take note of is that not only are the large American game developers going to be there, but this is also a great opportunity to check out the Australian Indie developers and their showcase material as you might be surprised and impressed at the hard work they have produced. Or you could take the opportunity to bring your PC visit the LAN area and game with others.

I could sit here and ramble on about PAX, but I better leave it at that for the time being. You can definitely expect to hear from me throughout PAX Australia.

So, who else is excited and going and what are your thoughts on what’s to come?

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