In just a few hours the last big budget action adventure game for this consoles generation will be released. Batman: Arkham Origins is a prequel to the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games by Rocksteady Studios. This time around Warner Bros. Montreal are in charge and promise a game that is darker, grittier and even bigger than the last two.

Even if you have never played the last two games (shame on you) I wanted to share a few reasons why this is a MUST BUY and deserves your immediate attention.

PREQUEL – if you are new to the Batman games then this is a great starting point. Taking place just two years into his new profession players will see a Batman that is still learning and will make mistakes. The Gotham City Police Department are not exactly supportive and some officers want him dead to collect the bounty on his head. By the time you finish the game it should set up directly into Arkham Asylum.

THE CAST – Batman has some amazing enemies that a lot of people will be unfamiliar with. BLACK MASK made a small appearance in the last game and there are several references to him. But having someone like him wanting absolute control over Gotham City, putting a bounty on Batman’s head and interacting with other criminals is going to be amazing. Then we have DeathStroke, Killer Croc, Bane, DeadShot, The Mad Hatter and of course the Joker. What has been announced so far is that 8 Assassins will try to take the Batman out.

Black Mask - You will be surprised when you find out what that mask is actually made of

Black Mask – You will be surprised when you find out what that mask is actually made of

TOYS, TOYS, TOYS – I think what makes Batman such an enjoyable character to play as is that you will get to use these ingenious gadgets. It could be a remote controlled Batarang, Electrified Gauntlets or X-Ray vision. All of these gadgets will be crucial to completing the game and are a sheer joy to use. Hopefully we will have a few new items this time around… Maybe some Shark Repellent… Coz you never know when your going to need it!

FIGHT – The Batman games had a surprisingly intricate fighting system. Casual gamers could enjoy the game if they play as a button basher whilst players that study the combo system will be able to pull off more extravagant moves and combos. As Batman is not an expert just yet we will see him fumble his way around when taking down thugs. Either way there will be hours upon hours of enjoyment with a smile on your face whilst you punch and kick the bad guys.

MULTIPLAYER – NEW to the series is the addition of the multiplayer modes. Where we will have “3 vs 3 vs 2”. This is very different to what could have been done with a more traditional Co-Op or Good Guys Vs Bad Guys. Instead players will have Batman and Robin trying to take down Joker and Bane whilst they are having a fight themselves with their own henchmen. Hopefully there will be plenty of maps to download from in the future and variations of this gameplay mode to keep you coming back for more.

So there you have it. A few reasons to buy the game this weekend. But there are so many other reasons this is going to be amazing. The Story, Music, Voice Acting, Gameplay and more. Let us know in the comments below why you are excited for Batman: Arkham Origins.

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