Do we need backwards compatibility?

One of the best things about the video games industry is that a great game is a great game! It doesn’t matter what era it was made or on what platform. What matters is the gameplay and this is more important than the HD graphics, refresh rate, resolution, surround sound, voice actors and so many other aspects. Sure it all helps when you put it together and end up with master pieces like Tomb Raider, Forza Motorsport 5 or ALIENS: Colonial Marines… Okay I’m kidding with that one. Great games are timeless and something that can be enjoyed as a form of relaxation, nostalgia or simply as art. Seriously look at the oldies like PAC-MAN, Frogger and Space Invaders. Super simple graphics compared to today’s standards, super simple music and sound effects with a few beeps and bops here and there. BUT at the end of the day, all these years later and in hundreds of years from now these games will be enjoyed… Because they are FUN!

Now let’s get back to the point here. The Xbox One is the one ultimate device that you must own. It’s the one device that you need with your new TV. It’s the only thing you need to enjoy all your Xbox games….. Woah Nelly!!! Hold on there pardner. If I want to play my Original Xbox games I still need my original Xbox Console. If I want to play XBOX 360 games I still need my XBOX 360. Even this machine was backwards compatible with the previous machine (Play Original Xbox Games on an Xbox 360 Console).

original-xbox-consolexbox-xgipp3x5Now if you buy the ultimate games console then surely you want to only play the ultimate games! The ones made specifically for all that power in mind. Why on earth would you want to play all these old games? The answer is simple… they are fun, awesome, classics that have not been replicated even today and possibly never will be!

I personally will be more than happy to re-purchase some of my favorite Xbox Original and Xbox 360 titles once again. Especially if they were offered digitally and at a reasonable price. NOW I know what you’re still thinking… Why? What’s wrong with you? What have you been drinking? Why would you waste your time? Well you have to remember good graphics and next-gen engines does not make a great game. There have been some stinkers in recent memory that everyone was hyped up about big time. You all know the games that I’m referring too. I’m looking at you Duke!

Now think about this for just one minute. Once upon a time these “old” games were new releases. They were getting rave reviews, pre-orders, special editions, mid-night launches the whole shebang. Gamers were going nuts about these games laughing, crying and screaming with joy or fear.

Xbox-360There are soooooo many unbelievable games that you will never get the opportunity to experience if you only focus on future titles. These classics will not be re-made or re-released in HD. This is exactly why the Xbox One needs an Xbox Original and Xbox 360 marketplace. Perhaps Microsoft could start with the exclusives. There are more than enough to make every gamer happy. And if that does well then move onto the other publishers.

I’m positive that with all that power inside the Xbox One we can have a nice Emulator supporting a range of classics. Please Microsoft think about the children… Won’t you think about the children? Seriously, at the end of the games (lol at the end of the day) if you only focus on playing the next generation of games you will be seriously missing out on some important history. Think about that… Without some of these older games we wouldn’t have the wonderful games that we have today.

So what do you think? Am I right? Well obviously I am but I just want to be polite. OR am I completely wrong? What old classics would you like to play on your Xbox One?

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