Xbox @ E3 2014 – Thoughts

Microsoft kicked off E3 with GAMES… GAMES… and you guessed it more GAMES. Over the years they have had mixed reactions from the fans. Focusing a great deal of time on APPS, ACCESSORIES, SALES etc. When I think about the past 5 years attending these conferences in person and witnessing some amazing moments. Steven Spielberg, The Beatles, Project MILO (Yes I thought that was amazing), Cars rising up from the stage, Usher, Cirque Du Soleil and many more. It’s hard to say what really makes an E3 Media Briefing perfect. On one hand you need to focus on the future with new features, enhancements and even business plans. But the reality is that the fans are the one watching these conferences. And for Australia that meant an unfortunate 2am start time.

I personally love the Xbox E3 briefings and have loved all the previous ones regardless of what people think. It’s just exciting to see what Microsoft have planned for the future. I will say that the only real disappointment this year was zero info about Gears of War. But that’s okay as we have E3 2015. Other than that everything else seemed very focused and spot on in catering to the target audience. I think it’s fair to say if you consider yourself an Xbox fan then you would be happy with a good majority of the games that were presented.

There was something for everyone this year. HALO was very well covered with the confirmation of the Master Chief Collection. This includes Halo: Combat Evolved, 2, 3 and 4 all running at 1080p and 60fps. Sunset Overdrive looks like it will be one of the most exciting new franchises of the year. Forza Horizon 2 looks like perfection…. yummy. Most surprisingly for me is that Conker is back!!! With Project Spark you will have access to Conker content. I’m not sure how this will work but its exciting to just imagine what fans of the series could potentially create and share with the world. Rise of the Tomb Raider was revealed and I have to say just wow.  That last Tomb Raider was an amazing adventure and something I strongly recommend to everyone. I’m excited to see where this new game takes us and what kind of story takes place. Crackdown was a surprise for a lot of people towards the end and the focus seems to be on Co-Op. Although a large amount of games this year from all developers seem to be focusing on Co-Op Multiplayer… Fable Legends, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Evolve and many more.

Finally lets not forget about the ID@Xbox Program. There are going to hundreds of amazing games to look forward to. Gamers of all ages need to pay attention as all these games will offer incredible and unique Gaming Experiences. Its not all about shiny graphics, guns and explosions after all.

There are just so many new and exciting games to be excited about this year. You can check out the complete list of XBOX ONE GAMES AT E3 HERE.

Overall I’m very impressed and looking forward to more info. What did you think of the conference? What impressed you the most?

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