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By Mark ten Buuren, June 12, 2012 Events, Expos

With SupaNova Sydney coming up this weekend I decided to share a few points about the last one in Melbourne. I always have a great time at these events as it is a great opportunity to see the latest games and pop culture items such as Comics, Books, DVD’s and even Weapons. Look forward to seeing some more amazing Cosplay outfits in Sydney.

By Mark ten Buuren, October 12, 2011 ,

OzBoxLive | Review – It’s the year 2135, 106 years after your Ark was put into action and things start to go wrong. You are the only one who survived, thrown head first into the deep end you must do your part to survive and help others who are trying to live in the harsh wasteland.

By Mark ten Buuren, September 13, 2011 ,

OzBoxLive | Review – Help Jack, Mike and Foxy hold back the zombie armageddon of the 50’s that the birth of Rock’n’Roll has spawned. Set traps and blockades in this 3rd person styled “tower” defense game.

By Mark ten Buuren, September 7, 2011 ,

The beautiful island of Banoi has been overrun by zombies. Explore the landscapes of the island resort as you try to survive and help others to do the same.

By Mark ten Buuren, June 10, 2011 ,

Join DrunkLostTambo as he helps Detective Cole Phelps of the LAPD rise up the ranks, clean the scum from the streets of LA, and look suave whilst doing so. How? By stepping back in time with LA Noire, of course.