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By Guest Author, August 23, 2010 ,

OzBoxLive Review | Resident Evil 5 – Dark desolate place is the setting for Resident Evil 5. Plain old Trev dives into an area to stop the new infection spreading and changing everyone into mutated monsters. Want to know what it was like? Then keep reading…

By Guest Author, August 17, 2010 ,

OzBoxLive Review | Red Dead Redemption – He’s a cowboy, and on a steel horse he rides. QableKavalry travels back to a bygone era to test-drive Rockstar’s latest instalment in the Red Dead series.
What’s the verdict? Read on to find out…

By Guest Author, July 7, 2010 ,

OzBoxLive Review | After Burner – Ohverture straps in and rides into the Danger Zone… Is After Burner Climax worth its weight in high-octane fuel? Read on to find out…

By Guest Author, May 14, 2010 ,

OzBoxLive | Review – GoneX checks out the latest Football game from EA. And we are not talking about AFL but the other kind of Football known as SOCCER in Fifa World Cup 2010: South Africa. Click the link and find out if this is worth the purchase to enjoy along with the real thing next month.

By Guest Author, April 19, 2010 ,

Dimorphic goes deep inside the world of Sam Fisher in this latest installment to the Splinter Cell franchise. Check out what he has to say with this Xbox 360 Exclusive in Splinter Cell: Conviction! Find out if Sam Fisher has jumped the shark or is he just warming up?