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By Guest Author, May 14, 2010 ,

OzBoxLive | Review – GoneX checks out the latest Football game from EA. And we are not talking about AFL but the other kind of Football known as SOCCER in Fifa World Cup 2010: South Africa. Click the link and find out if this is worth the purchase to enjoy along with the real thing next month.

By Guest Author, April 19, 2010 ,

Dimorphic goes deep inside the world of Sam Fisher in this latest installment to the Splinter Cell franchise. Check out what he has to say with this Xbox 360 Exclusive in Splinter Cell: Conviction! Find out if Sam Fisher has jumped the shark or is he just warming up?

By Guest Author, April 6, 2010 ,

Ohverture checks out this new RPG with lots of guns, over the top voice acting and an over the top story. It seems these days, the J in JRPG stands for Jaded. Well, 2010 is a good year for you – Squeenix have been tinkering with the traditional Final Fantasy formula to appeal to a wider audience, and now Tri-Ace have taken their turn and the result is an amazing achievement that deserves your attention, no matter how jaded you are.

By Guest Author, March 26, 2010 ,

The story as it’s Dynasty Warriors really remains much the same, adding a few other touches towards the end with cameo characters. The story element however has been removed even further for place of things such as side missions.

By Guest Author, March 14, 2010 ,

Dimorphic takes a look at one of the years biggest (and loudest) Shooters in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Check out his thoughts about the sequel to the franchise.