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By Mark Libman, July 2, 2015 Community, Inside OzBoxLive

When I started OzBoxLive on July 1st 2007 I had absolutely no idea what would happen next. There was no plan to attend E3, organise charity events, interview developers and directors, go to midnight launches but rather do what I… Read More »

By OzBoxLive, July 1, 2014 Community, Inside OzBoxLive

OzBoxLive | 7 Year Anniversary – The first episode of OzBoxLive Radio was published on July 1st 2007. The goal was to create a community website and podcast that focused on all things Xbox in Australia. This has evolved over time and introduced Community Playdates, Charity Events, Interviews, Reviews, Features and more.

By OzBoxLive, June 3, 2011 Community, Inside OzBoxLive

If you are interested in joining the OzBoxLive Team and writing Reviews, Previews, Features and other Items for the Website or even contributing towards the Podcast then read on and find out what we are looking for in members to join the rest of the team.