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By Mark Libman, June 11, 2014 E3, Events

Xbox @ E3 2014 : My thoughts on the Xbox Media Briefing at E3 2014. If you like Games, Games and more Games then you will be very happy. Halo, Tomb Raider, Sunset Overdrive, Forza, Conker and much more.

By Anthony Cutri, June 20, 2013 E3, Events

Ever wanted to be a badass soldier in Ancient Rome? Well here is your chance with Crytek’s new upcoming game, Ryse: Son of Rome!

By Anthony Cutri, June 15, 2013 E3, Events

Great news for all the Souls fans as From Software launched the reveal of Dark Souls II at E3 2013.

By David Lynch, June 13, 2013 E3, Events

Emerging from the wilderness of THQ’s barren desert strides Obsidian’s promising RPG, determined bring animated violence and crass humour to the masses. Long live South Park: The Stick Of Truth!!

By David Lynch, June 13, 2013 E3, Events

Out of the shadows of E3’s console wars strikes Batman, plunging terror into the hearts of criminals… and delighting gamers with a tasty new trailer to salivate over.