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By Mark Libman, August 22, 2010 E3, Features

CardShark 360 bumps into Stuart White the Game Producer on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and has a quick chat about the game, what “Future Soldier” means to him, the new 4-Player Co-Op Mode and the possibility of a Ghost Recon: Australia in this Xclusive Interview at E3 2010.

By Mark Libman, August 20, 2010 E3, Features

E3 2010 Xclusive Interview with Nikola Godin one of the Game Designers on Your Shape: Fitness Evolved exclusively on Xbox 360 with KINECT. He talks about making a game for the living room and the entire family, using the new KINECT technology, working with Australian Personal Trainer Michelle Bridges and how to make Exercise FUN.

By Mark Libman, August 18, 2010 E3, Features

E3 2010 Xclusive Inerview with Kriss Kross the Lead Single Player Designer from KAOS Studios to talk about Homefront and how to make a First Person Shooter that separates itself from the rest, he discussed using real life locations and personalities as well as the possibility of a Homefront: Australia.

By OzBoxLive, June 14, 2010 E3

With E3 just around the corner, DYoshii sends out his wishlist for games he’d like to see made by Capcom for the Xbox360 or XBLA. Expect some common franchises as well as some rather old franchises that could really use a restoration, as well as some plain bad ideas thrown in for kicks. Never said his taste was any good…

By OzBoxLive, June 13, 2010 E3, Events

Rockstar… not showing up to an E3?! QableKavalry examines the implications of such news and how that’s impacted on his sheduling of sandbox-game purchases…