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By Mark Libman, June 4, 2013 E3, Events

In exactly one week from now Microsoft will start their keynote presentation focusing on the future of the next generation in gaming entertainment with the Xbox One.

By Mark ten Buuren, June 12, 2012 Events, Expos

With SupaNova Sydney coming up this weekend I decided to share a few points about the last one in Melbourne. I always have a great time at these events as it is a great opportunity to see the latest games and pop culture items such as Comics, Books, DVD’s and even Weapons. Look forward to seeing some more amazing Cosplay outfits in Sydney.

By Mark Libman, June 3, 2012 E3, Events

I have finally arrived in Los Angeles for E3 2012 and am preparing for all the interviews, presentations, booth babes, games and more. I thought I would take this time to talk about The Journey I have had so far…. Read More »

By OzBoxLive, July 10, 2011 Events, XperienceXpo

It’s that time of year for another XperienceXpo. The OzBoxLive team have put together another amazing event to raise money for The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation. They have over 30 Xbox 360’s set up on location at The State Library of Victoria in the Experimedia Room. Read on to find out more info about this event.

By Elliott Campbell, June 16, 2011 E3, Events

Elt0r takes a quick look at what Microsoft had to offer at its E3 press Conference. What tricks did they have up their sleeves? Besides old and new gaming friends coming to light, the Kinect accessory played a big part.
Read on for more details…