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By Mark Libman, August 18, 2010 E3, Features

E3 2010 Xclusive Inerview with Kriss Kross the Lead Single Player Designer from KAOS Studios to talk about Homefront and how to make a First Person Shooter that separates itself from the rest, he discussed using real life locations and personalities as well as the possibility of a Homefront: Australia.

By Mark Libman, July 15, 2010 Events, XperienceXpo

The time is almost here – XperienceXpo!! The consoles are primed, the stage is set – WHERE WILL YOU BE on Friday night?!
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By OzBoxLive, July 13, 2010 Events, XperienceXpo

The hosts of SYN FM’s GET CEREAL interviewed Mark from OzBoxLive today about the upcoming XperienceXpo event at the State Library of Victoria this Friday. After doing a Live TV interview he arrived at the GET CEREAL Radio office in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD and met with Luke, Charles and Meg and discussed the event, E3 and thoughts on KINECT.

By OzBoxLive, July 12, 2010 Events, Features

Well CGBC 2010 has come to an end for another year and so we take this time to reflect and get some much needed sleep. Check out what happened at CGBC 2010 and see if John recommends attending next year.

By OzBoxLive, July 12, 2010 Events, XperienceXpo

MADMAN have kindly donated 5 copies of HALO LEGENDS (DVD) towards XperienceXpo. They have also included other cool prizes that you will get to see at the event and will be part of the major raffle. We will also be playing one episode of Halo Legends in the Library Cinema throughout the night. So if you have not seen this amazing anime experience before then this will be a great opportunity to enjoy it with a bunch of Halo fans.