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By Brian Farnhill, April 25, 2013 Features, News

The new generation of Xbox will be announced on May 22, here are the dates and times for Australians to tune in to watch it live!

By David Lynch, March 23, 2013 Features, News

OzBoxLive News | Capcom have announced that they’re bringing the classic NES title, DuckTales, to the XBLA – fully remastered and tweaked. Scrooge McDuck pogo-ing action ahoy!! (And yes, singing along to the theme song is permitted…!!)

By Mark Libman, February 22, 2013 Features, News

OzBoxLive News | The most recent Mortal Kombat was refused classification in 2011 in Australia. Recently it has been approved for Australia… well most of it. According to the EB Games Australia website it will be available on the 29th of MAY… except in Queensland.

By Mark Libman, July 27, 2011 Features, News

NBA JAM is Back Again and this time for XBLA. Check out the new video and some of the amazing new features and enhancements for this classic gaming franchise. This will easily be one of the most successful XBLA titles of 2011 simply because of the amazing gameplay, graphics, commentary, online features and more. BUT most importantly this is pure FUN for everyone.

By Mark Libman, March 15, 2011 Features, News

Sad news once more – another game banned by the OFLC that won’t reach our shores. CardShark looks at what the Mortal Kombat series means to him, and how it’s just as suitable for rating as other new releases.
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