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By David Lynch, June 7, 2010 News

Check out the latest awesome deals this week on the Xbox Live Marketplace…

A massive 6 games as “Deals” this week, plus the classic Earthworm Jim coming soon.

Prices, dates and details after the jump…

By OzBoxLive, June 1, 2010 Features, News

Welcome to OzBoxLive. As of June 1st 2010 we are officially live and open for business. Your new one stop shop for game features, previews, reviews, community interaction and a unique Australian Xbox 360 podcast. OzBoxLive, the new wave of video game journalism!

By Mathew Farrugia, February 11, 2010 Features, News

“I love computer science. It is the only science that is bounded solely by our imagination… nothing else.” These are the words Robbie Bach (President of Entertainment & Devices) said at the press conference on February 9th in Sydney that made me feel sort of happy inside, he seems like a very inspiring person.