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By Anthony Cutri, July 13, 2013 Features, Opinion

With PAX Australia less than a week away, see how hyped Anthony is.

By Brian Farnhill, July 10, 2013 Features, Opinion

Did you pay for the BioShock DLC and find yourself wondering where it is? Check in on the details here for a review on when we can expect it

By David Lynch, June 9, 2013 Features, Opinion

With the announcement of the Xbox One, Microsoft have unfortunately announced some licencing and registration features that gamers and the gaming media have labelled a little… draconian. But never fear, David has the answer – the solution could be as simple as imitating the Xbox 360…

By Mark Libman, June 7, 2013 Features, Opinion

Remember back in the old days classic games like Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct, GoldenEye 007 and many more. Microsoft together with RARE have some amazing franchises in their palm. As such here are my predictions, hopes and dreams for a few RARE Xbox One game titles.

By Brian Farnhill, May 28, 2013 Features, Opinion

OzBoxLive: Opinion | What is the cloud and why should gamers care? In this article Brian Farnhill explains what exactly the ‘cloud’ is, and what it means for gamers