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By Brian Farnhill, May 26, 2013 Features, Opinion

OzBoxLive: Opinion | Always on DRM is a hot topic – after recent events it has gotten a lot of bad press, Brian Farnhill looks to shine some light on the issues

By OzBoxLive, May 24, 2013 Features, Opinion

This week the Aussie Gaming Independent Network (A.G.I.N.) presents its first podcast and we kick off with a bang! This week, we talk about the Microsoft Xbox One console reveal. Our thoughts, our opinions and more are shared in today’s show. We’re joined by reps from our member sites including All Age Gaming, Daily Joystick Podcast, Aussie Game Geek, The Geek Next Door and OzBoxLive in a massive Australian video game web site round table discussion.

By Anthony Cutri, May 4, 2013 Features, Opinion

OzBoxLive Opinion | Anthony expresses his opinion of the progression of games, how he believes they came to be like this and a possibility for companies and consumers on how to make a change.

By Mark Libman, April 25, 2013 Features, Opinion

Everyone is getting excited about the Next-Gen Xbox console from Microsoft. As such Microsoft XBOX MVP Mark Libman decides to share a few of his predictions for the next Electronics Entertainment Expo and what Microsoft may bring to the table at the Xbox Keynote.

By Brian Farnhill, February 21, 2013 Features, Opinion

OzBoxLive: Opinion | Are second hand games sales doomed? What impact does this have on the industry? Have a read what OzBoxLive author Brian Farnhill has to say.