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By Mathew Farrugia, November 1, 2010 ,

If you thought it was all over, think again. The zombies are back once again and there is now a new hero and he isn’t here to take pictures. Dabura911 reviews the XBLA game Dead Rising: Case Zero. Click here to find out what he thinks of it?

By Mathew Farrugia, October 31, 2010 ,

Halloween has been and gone but Dabura911 wants it to go out with a bang, so what better way to do that but to review probably the most well known and maybe even the most popular classic zombie game from the Original Xbox… Stubbs The Zombie!

By Mathew Farrugia, October 29, 2010 Features, Games

The one and only Frank West is back in an upcoming DLC for Dead Rising 2. He is here to not only assist Chuck Greene but to put a stop to this whole zombie outbreak at the source once and for all. What does Dabura911 think about this DLC? is he even interested in the return of Frank west? find out here…

By David Rowe, October 28, 2010 ,

Did you hear that smack just as the chair bounced of his head. So today I picked up Smackdown vs Raw 2011 (Bret Hart Edition) and I can’t wait to get stuck into it. It’s promising to be a hugely impressive game…

By Mathew Farrugia, October 27, 2010 Events, Game Night

Dabura911 has something special to tell you. He is having 2 game nights, they will be 2 nights of horror, violence, blood and not to mention fun! He has wanted to do a game night like this for a long time and now he will finally get the chance and for his favorite time of the year! Want to join in the fun? find out how here.