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By Mathew Farrugia, February 21, 2011 ,

SplatterHouse is reborn and it is here for all of us to enjoy. As expected Dabura911 had to own this, seeing as SplatterHouse is known for it’s blood, gore and absolute carnage. So what does our resident horror expert think? Read on after the jump…

By David Rowe, February 18, 2011 ,

High-flying, stadiums and basketball is what’s on offer here. Plain Old Trev sprints down to review NBA 2k11 for you and here are his thoughts on the game, and the rumours of a mysterious appearance of a legend of the game.

By Dylan Lupien, February 16, 2011 ,

A sequel, an epic adventure, and one of the strangest game name acronyms. So what’s Ninety Nine Nights II all about? Liddle D Loopy dives in head-first to find out. Read more after the jump…

By Mathew Farrugia, February 14, 2011 Features, Opinion

Dabura911 has been wondering if Kinect deserves all the attention it’s been getting, he has been thinking about it for quite a while now and has finally come to a conclusion. What does he think about this new piece of gaming technology? does he think it is next-gen material? or would he rather use the controller? find out here…

By OzBoxLive, December 31, 2010 Features, News

All of us from OzBoxLive wishing you all a very happy New Year.