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By OzBoxLive, October 20, 2010 ,

Treyarch have released a new trailer for Call Of Duty: Black Ops. It seems this game looks better and better with every trailer shown. Look carefully and take notice of some of the gameplay features seen in the trailer such as using a shotgun on a motorbike.

By Mathew Farrugia, October 20, 2010 Features, News

Dabura911 has been hiding something from us all. He has come up with an event that will consist of Zombies as a tribute to Halloween. This event is called Zombie Massacre! what is Zombie Massacre? what will happen in this event? will there be candy? find out now.

By Mark ten Buuren, October 19, 2010 Features, Previews

With the lastest Fallout just around the corner, read what has got DrunkLostTambo interested and why he is going to be getting it day one.

By David Lynch, October 18, 2010 News, Press Release

Much has been speculated of this partnership between Microsoft and Foxtel, but now some concrete information comes to light. Read on, and find out just how the highly-anticipated co-production will work…

By Elliott Campbell, October 18, 2010 Features, Previews

Microsoft has announced that the Noble Map Pack will be arriving on Xbox Live on November 30, 2010. The pack includes three all-new multiplayer maps, Anchor 9, Tempest, and Breakpoint. It will include additional achievements totaling 250 Gamer Score points. Have a look at what it comes with.