Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

9.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 10/10

Fantastic Soundtrack and Great additions make this a brilliant purchase

Very similar to the previous games in the series

Guitar Hero is an awesome set of games and the new one developed by Neversoft Entertainment is truely a masterpiece. This game has a very interesting storyline which involves you collecting rockers to come and defeat the evil Lord in the game and unleash the guitar and the demigod of rock, and luckily they didn’t choose poor songs for the game either.

The gameplay is amazing in this game – you get endless enjoyment out of just the campaign let alone the multiplayer. You start off in the campaign going through and unleashing rockers to collect them to join you into defeating the evil Lord. You play this like any other Guitar Hero game but with the added difference of having powers (in campaign). As you play through the songs, you “unlock” people and then you have to unlock the Guitar which plays through the Rush 2112 set and is amazing fun. Next step: you vs the Demigod of Rock which is a great battle which finishes you conquering all the rock gods…or so you thought…

You have your standard difficulty settings in this game, Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert which are all fun and there isn’t just your standard jump from Hard to Expert too – its actually a big leap this time which means you may not even be good at Expert. As per past games, you don’t use a standard controller but rather a guitar which has fret buttons, strum bar and a whammy bar which makes for a realistic and really fun experience. If you’ve seen someone else playing one, you’ll be familiar with the controls – they rarely differ with each sequel.

The graphics in Guitar Hero are really well done and make for an enjoyable experience – especially in the campaign cut scene which makes them not just nice to listen to. At first I didn’t know how the characters were going to turn out but they did it really well with none looking alike and all of them looking superb making them all really fun to play against and as. Neversoft have done an especially good job with the bosses and the legendary guitar which makes it more amazing in the cut scenes. The stages and environments you play at are nice and well done, they make each experience unique through the campaign.

This is Guitar Hero, so the sounds have to be superb – and they are. All the sound perfect, all the sound effects are spot-on and rather polished, which is what you would expect from a Guitar Hero game and nothing less. Some personal favourite songs included are:

  • Slipknot – Psychosocial
  • Avenged Sevenfold – Bat Country
  • Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Rise Against – Savoir
  • The Offspring – Self Esteem$

Some huge songs were re-recorded: for example “No more Mr Nice Guy” by Alice Cooper and “Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways, but they are not diminished by this but rather just as fun to play. Having Gene Simmons come in to voice the Demigod of Rock was a masterstroke, but also the members of Rush were involved, seeking feed back from them on the Rush 2112 themed venues. Overall the sound was amazing and made it so much more enjoyable playing the game.

Some key features in this game are the new Quest Mode (which was touched on earlier), an updated Quickplay with thousands of new challenges across all the songs making you want to go back and master them all, Party Mode – instead of having to stop every time to change controller or change difficulty Neversoft designed it so you can just pause and not ruin the song for everybody, making it much less agonizing to change difficulty if its to hard or if you don’t want to play that instrument. As always, Xbox Live is still as awesome as ever with you being able to challenge anyone to songs online and makes it a real fun multiplayer experience.

As per usual, Neversoft have invested in bringing lots of DLC in the form of extra songs, which allow you to extend your playlist. Not to mention that they made it so you were able to transfer all your old songs over onto GH: Warriors of Rock so that you don’t have to re-buy all your favourite songs.

Overall this is a very fun and enjoyable game and you would never get over it. It’s always something you can go back and play over and over because it is just so fun and you always know what songs you like. Definitely worth buying and the DLC is worth getting too.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

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