Stubbs The Zombie

9.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 8/10

Unique and Original Game. Hours of Fun. Great for the Zombie Fans.

The look and feel is very dated compared to other titles at the time.

This story takes place in the futuristic City of Punchbowl. Here the city is ruled over by the mayor Andrew Monday and his mother Maggie. However we are soon introduced to the brain eating, heart stopping and mind blowing Stubbs… the Zombie! He arises from the ground as any zombie would and begins his quest, what is it? Well you will have to play the game to find out. I’m not trying to tease you I am serious the story doesn’t really pick up until after 1 or 2 levels which is forgive able seeing they throw some fun levels at you before the story picks up anyway so it still urges you to keep playing and find out why he is doing this. Who doesn’t love mindless brain munching anyway?

I’m gonna slap you silly!

I think the game plays very well for its time. You control the amazing Stubbs the zombie for the whole game and trust me you won’t get bored. Some people may complain that all you can and must do is just continuously bite people in the head to kill them, not true. There is in fact a ton of ways to kill people, it varies from using your body parts as deadly weapons of destruction to even turning the enemy into a zombie army and simply let them fight for you as you sit back and watch the blood fly. You don’t just run around they got creative with Stubbs. He can drive vehicles now and again which really spices the game up and adds some of that funny tone and gives you the message that this zombie isn’t as stupid as he looks.

This is where its weakest point is and I think we all know what I’m about to mention, the graphics (dun dun). Now I’ll be honest the graphics look… meh in my taste they are passable definitely not the best but at the same time I have seen much worse. It tries to make itself look futuristic but at the same time very retro and succeeds with the cloths that the humans wear, how people talk and even how the zombies act they could never be any more traditional. I am going to go easy here considering the fact that well it was made just over 5 years ago, back when Xbox was the thing and when 3D games weren’t perfected yet so it is unfair if I judge it to the games we see today in our time. I am going to review it for what it is a tremendously fun zombie game!

There’s nothing more tasty than a healthy brain

Now this is probably where the game gets really funny but at the same time still being able to keep you wanting more, the sound. The game has probably some of the funniest lines I’ve heard in gaming, some of the voices when I think about them just make me want to burst out laughing. And of course we can’t forget the classic line “brains” and don’t worry YOU WONT. I don’t know how many times I heard the word brains especially on the load screens , it can get very annoying at times but I’m sure you will find it a good laugh. I love the music, even though it is old and isn’t really what this generation likes it give the game its retro feeling making you feel you really are in a futuristic city in a retro world. Plus even I can admit some of these songs are quite catchy and I mostly like Metal music. I would gladly crank up my stereo and play some of these songs any day.

You wanna know why this is a zombie game I still remember today? because they prove that just because zombies are mindless creatures that hunger for flesh, doesn’t mean that they don’t wanna have fun and in this case it’s a whole lot of fun! They gave Stubbs his own personality and I have never seen that in a zombie game before. I have been craving for a game where the zombie is in control, the zombie has feelings and goals and finally this game made that a reality. If you thought that was it guess again because the game even has local multiplayer, you can have a buddy join in the slaughter fest with you. Who doesn’t wanna share this experience with someone? This game is also built with the Halo engine, to be honest I don’t care. Right now I care more about this game and if the Halo engine made it better then I welcome it.This game shows you the funny side of zombies, still the scary part as well of course and even a little bit of love too. Mash all these things together and you will get a wonderful and amazing experience.

Doors wont save you!

The game is 1200 microsoft points but is worth every cent, I bought the game and had no regret on buying it.This game has some small flaws but without a doubt this game still lives on in my heart and probably will to the day I die, it is to me the very definition of a fun zombie game.

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