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By OzBoxLive, June 10, 2014 Podcast, Season 8

OzBoxLive | Podcast – Join Australian Microsoft Xbox MVP Mark Libman along with Kaedin and Daniel as they discuss all things Xbox in Australia. In this E3 Xtravaganza we discuss over 30 of the games to featured at E3 2014. We have an Xclusive Interview with Larry Hryb – Xbox Live’s Major Nelson. We discuss some of the games we have been playing, Pre-E3 Announcements, Games with Gold, and we give away 1 Year Xbox Live Gold.

By Elliott Campbell, March 2, 2011 ,

Bond films are a classic piece of cinema, but how do the video games based on those movies fare over time? Elt0r dives back into Quantum Of Solace to see how it holds up. Read more after the jump…

By David Rowe, December 27, 2010 ,

Drum solos and guitar solos – that’s what this is!! Neversoft is back with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and Plain Old Trev is rocking out to give you the head’s up. Keep reading to see what makes this game so enjoyable and worth the purchase…

By Elliott Campbell, November 1, 2010 ,

We knew that a zombie mode was coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops, but weren’t sure exactly how it would be delivered, given the more modern setting of the game this time. Please note this post has SPOILERS so if you don’t want it spoiled move along… if not then continue.

By OzBoxLive, November 1, 2010 ,

This is the release trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops which aired in America last night. With only 8 days till it’s released, I’m getting more and more excited each and every day.