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By OzBoxLive, October 20, 2010 ,

Treyarch have released a new trailer for Call Of Duty: Black Ops. It seems this game looks better and better with every trailer shown. Look carefully and take notice of some of the gameplay features seen in the trailer such as using a shotgun on a motorbike.

By Elliott Campbell, October 14, 2010 Features, Previews

The new James Bond game is on it way and its set to go off with a Bang. With a whole new gameplay and story. Fast cars, Speeding boats and the good old gun fight and hand to hand fight. Sit back for an Action packed ride.
The name is Bond..James Bond

By David Rowe, September 20, 2010 Features, Previews

Rock ‘n’ Roll, thats what Guitar Hero is!! Plain old Trev rocks out to give you a preview of the upcoming Guitar hero game Warriors of Rock. Want to know what new features are coming? Read on and you’ll find out…

By Mark Libman, June 25, 2010 Features

Mark sits down with Josh Olin (Community Manager) at Treyarch to discuss Call Of Duty: Black Ops game features, why Black Ops, the new weapons and just how realistic this is to previous titles and much more in this Xclusive Interview at E3 2010.

By Mark Libman, June 24, 2010 Features

Mark sits down with Stephen Van Der Mescht (Executive Producer) at United Front Games to discuss True Crime: Hong Kong, the game features, why Hong Kong, how the fighting system works and how this is different to similar games in the industry and much more in this Xclusive Interview at E3 2010.