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By Anthony Cutri, June 27, 2013 ,

OzBoxLive Review | Jumping around on buildings? Beating people up? Messing with memories? What’s not to love! Check out Anthony’s review for Remember Me.

By Brian Farnhill, May 25, 2013 ,

OzBoxLive Review | Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen is an expansion to the original Dragons Dogma, Brian Farnhill takes this RPG for a spin to see what new content it brings to the table and what the game has to offer to the role playing crowd

By David Lynch, March 23, 2013 Features, News

OzBoxLive News | Capcom have announced that they’re bringing the classic NES title, DuckTales, to the XBLA – fully remastered and tweaked. Scrooge McDuck pogo-ing action ahoy!! (And yes, singing along to the theme song is permitted…!!)

By Mathew Farrugia, February 25, 2011 ,

Braaaaiiiinnnnssss… Dabura911 has been dying to review this one, and now he’s ventured beyond the realms of the dead and returned with unholy information. How does the game stack up? Read on to find out…

By David Lynch, February 23, 2011 ,

Fancy being Tarzan for a day? Not manly enough for you? How about we see your “free-swinging” and raise you a “action muscleman with guns galore”?! Read on as Linkwick delves into the remake of a NES classic. More details after the jump…