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By Mathew Farrugia, November 1, 2010 ,

If you thought it was all over, think again. The zombies are back once again and there is now a new hero and he isn’t here to take pictures. Dabura911 reviews the XBLA game Dead Rising: Case Zero. Click here to find out what he thinks of it?

By Mathew Farrugia, October 21, 2010 Features, News

The man behind the creation of Dead Rising Keililna Fune has made a film called Zombrex Dead Rising Sun. He has taken a step out his own comfort zone and has created a film based on the Dead Rising games. He has made this free to watch and it just so happens that Dabura911 grew interested in this film. What did he think of the film? was it worth watching? find out right now right here.

By OzBoxLive, September 16, 2010 Features, Press Release

Microsoft and the industry’s leading Japanese storytellers showcased 10 transformative games at the Tokyo Game Show, including five exclusive titles for Kinect. These include Steel Battalion Heavy Armor, Rise of Nightmares, Codename D, Haunt and Project Draco.

By Guest Author, August 23, 2010 ,

OzBoxLive Review | Resident Evil 5 – Dark desolate place is the setting for Resident Evil 5. Plain old Trev dives into an area to stop the new infection spreading and changing everyone into mutated monsters. Want to know what it was like? Then keep reading…

By OzBoxLive, June 14, 2010 E3

With E3 just around the corner, DYoshii sends out his wishlist for games he’d like to see made by Capcom for the Xbox360 or XBLA. Expect some common franchises as well as some rather old franchises that could really use a restoration, as well as some plain bad ideas thrown in for kicks. Never said his taste was any good…