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By Mark Libman, June 4, 2013 E3, Events

In exactly one week from now Microsoft will start their keynote presentation focusing on the future of the next generation in gaming entertainment with the Xbox One.

By Brian Farnhill, June 1, 2013 Features, News

Want to get all the latest about the games coming to the Xbox One? Then you need to see the media briefing at E3, here are the times!

By OzBoxLive, October 28, 2012 Podcast, Season 6

OzBoxLive | Podcast – Join Australian Microsoft Xbox MVP’s Mark & David as we discuss the Electronics Entertainment Expo in this fourth special about The Microsoft Xbox 360 Keynote Presentation at E3 2012.

By Mark Libman, June 3, 2012 E3, Events

I have finally arrived in Los Angeles for E3 2012 and am preparing for all the interviews, presentations, booth babes, games and more. I thought I would take this time to talk about The Journey I have had so far…. Read More »

By OzBoxLive, December 4, 2011 Podcast, Season 5

OzBoxLive | Podcast – In this KINECT Special Episode – We discuss some of the key features and games of KINECT over the past year. Kudo Tsunoda (Creative Director) answers some questions about the technology, games and cool features of Kinect. Nathan Martz (Project Lead) of Double Fine Studios talks about working on Sesame Street – Once Upon a Monster. And we discuss the latest issue of OAXM, New Competition and more.